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Getting Published

Is digital printing or ePublishing for you?

New and emerging authors have always had difficulty getting their manuscripts published. These days, with large publishers reducing the ranks of their author stables, even established authors are looking for alternative publishing options.

Our electronic publishing options could be just the "foot-in-the-door" you need to having your work published and becoming a successful author.

Electronic books will earn royalties in the same manner as printed editions. Additional royalties may be earned from the sale of other rights, such as television, motion picture and audio.

It is our intent to soft cover (paperback) publish all titles for which we have identified a specific marketing outlet or niche and meet our InstaBook requirements digital printing.

Before continuing, please be sure that our contract terms are acceptable and that you are capable of fulfilling all submission requirements, should you be asked to do so.

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Once you have decided to submit, please begin by sending us a complete query letter, as listed in the guidelines, by mail or email. This basic information will help us determine whether we have an interest in your work. We will notify you of our decision. If we have further interest you will be asked to make a Basic Submission. Make sure you have included the required SASE if contacting us by regular mail.

acquisitions at thebookden dot com

Should we determine that your manuscript is of marketable quality, we will mail a contract and request a Full Submission.

Initially all manuscripts accepted for publication will be formatted into our own proprietary eBook. This edition will be marketed and sold from our Web site and through special orders from national bookstores. Suitable titles will be converted into various electronic formats for viewing on computers and electronic reading devices. All will be marketed on numerous Internet bookstore sites.

Every publisher is swamped with manuscripts. There are many times more manuscripts submitted each year than can be published. The period of time it takes to process submitted manuscripts can easily take six months or longer, however you may be assured that we will give your manuscript careful consideration. Please do not let the amount of time that passes discourage you. Accepted manuscripts often take longer to process than the rejections.

If time is of the essence, you may want to consider an alternative and become your own Independent Publisher.

Please be sure to mail your submission to our editorial office at Edgewater, Florida. Shipping to any other division will cause a severe delay in manuscript processing.

I invite you to direct any questions regarding your submission to me at

support at thebookden dot com

Marcia Buckingham

Acquisitions Editor

Visit us at our HotSpot Coffee Shoppe, a specialty coffee shop and wireless Internet cafe - 1216A S. Ridgewood Avenue (U.S. 1) - Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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