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Denlinger's Late News
A selected portion of the semi-annual progress report to authors


As electronic books become more mainstream, sales continue to increase. Overall sales from our on-line Internet bookstore has had phenomenal growth since its inception almost two years ago and we are very excited and optimistic about the future. Even so, we are constantly working on new ideas to increase the sales on all our titles as we continue to work our way through the publishing queues.

In addition to offering titles in our proprietary electronic format, designed to be read from a computer screen, we are making appropriate titles available in additional formats such as PDAs. These editions are marketed through other outlets as well as The Book Den.


The other format is printed paperbacks. Our acquisition of InstaBook, "book-on-demand" printing equipment, enables us to distribute books through traditional outlets as well as through the InstaBook Online Network. "Books-on-demand" means that we print a book after it is ordered. We do not provide consignment services because we do not produce more books than are needed nor do we carry an inventory.

Plans to place the InstaBook printing equipment in bookstores across the country will allow customers to have their selection printed and bound in minutes. For additional information, check out [].

There are a few limitations to the InstaBook. While the cover is in color, the text pages print only black, do not handle complex graphics or photos well, and presently is printed only in the 5.5 inch by 8.5 inch paperback size.

The New Format Queue

The queue for publishing titles in these additional formats is based on chronology first, then the receipt of required material per the guidelines, the authors' willingness to self-promote, and finally to provide cover art.


These additional formats and marketing outlets will dramatically enhance sales, but some of the best marketing results still come from an author's own efforts. We continue to market on-line and while we have enlisted the services of a professional marketer to promote in various ways, your success is directly proportional to your self-promotion. One author states that marketing is every bit as hard and time consuming as writing!

Some successful ideas used by authors to promote their work include:

*Press releases to local television, radio and newspapers. The release should include personal and publisher contact information. Don't forget e-mail and web site addresses. The media loves to interview authors not only about their book, but also about the new technologies in publishing. This can help your work stand out from traditional books.

*A business card, which includes contact information and states "speaker and author," could help you get invited to speak to a group about your book.

*Contact local bookstores and libraries, as your book becomes available. They love to have authors speak and do "book signings."

Cover Art

Cover art is very desirable for the InstaBook paperback, MicroSoft Reader as well as other eBook editions. Art can be as simple as mailing us an appropriate photo or artwork, along with any permission required. Most word processing suites incorporate slide presentation programs, which can be utilized to create artwork. Many colleges and universities have budding graphics artists or illustrators who would agree to work with you for either a small fee or just acknowledgment of their art in your book and as an addition to their portfolio.

Art can be e-mailed. We prefer .gif or .jpg formats that are less than 1.4 meg. The image must be RGB color, no larger than either 325 pixels wide or 540 pixels high. Resolution should be no less than 72 dpi nor greater than 150 dpi. Bit depth should be set no lower than 8 (256 colors).

Artwork for InstaBook is printed onto a coated white background. Maximize the use of the white background as a bleed through. Solid color art does not allow for bleed through and will be lightened.

New Guidelines - Important!

Our guidelines are continually being updated to meet the needs of the new formats, web page updates and other marketing plans. If you have not already done so, please furnish the following:

Genre, classifications or BISAC codes - include as many as are relative to your title. For more information on BISAC Codes, go to [].

Sales pitch - any technique to pique a reader's interest, possibly the closing statement of a synopsis. Don't give it all away.

Sample of work - the best section which allows a reader to get a feel for your writing style - can be a smattering of selected portions, or a chapter or more.

We also need the following information to continue the paper publishing process. The Library of Congress utilizes this information internally to differentiate between millions of authors. Minimal data is used for the CIP (Cataloging In Publication) imprinted on the Copyright page.

*The author's full name

*Birth date - we do NOT publish the date, but it is an application requirement.

We are very excited about the coming year and we hope you are, too. As the "Emerging Technologies Division" of Denlinger's, much of our early efforts have been, by necessity, devoted to research and development. The inevitable result has been slow processing times. We are now moving into a more production oriented phase and accordingly have increased our staff and moved into larger quarters. Although these changes have negatively impacted our schedule in the short run, this should soon result in a noticeable improvement in the quality of our service.

We hope you enjoying this as much as we are!


Gustav Postreich

Executive Editor

Visit us at our HotSpot Coffee Shoppe, a specialty coffee shop and wireless Internet cafe - 1216A S. Ridgewood Avenue (U.S. 1) - Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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