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A Capitalist Carol - The story of the new, changed Ebenezer Scrooge. - Geoffrey Allen
Ralph, According to Ralph, by Ralph - When Ralph turned 40 he was still single. He was afraid romance and marriage would pass him by. - John Winchester
The Moviemakers - Two men pretend to make an independent movie as a plan to meet women. - John Winchester
A Song In Their Hearts - A symphony cellist falls in love with a country singer. It’s the perfect romance if only they can convince their friends that champagne and beer can mix. - John Winchester
group of people on New Zealand’s West Coast gather together and cause their own varying forms of mayhem - Amber Jo Illsley
Abraham, Isaac, and Jacob - A memoir type historical fiction covering turn-of-the-century immigration to the end of the 40's - Jules M. Seletz
A Gentle Undertaking Small town humour and drama surrounding the early demise of a local, set on New Zealands's rugged West Coast - Amber Jo Illsley
A Greater Pox - Knights, an adventurous girl, her soldier boyfriend, and a germ find their lives intertwined. - C.B. Mosher
Agent Of Darkness - Horror novelist battles immortal demon in an attempt to free thousands of souls imprisoned in the archfiend’s metaphysical mind - Lee Eide
All Due To Reilly - Reilly continues his antics and witty repartee with the author - Amber Jo Illsley
Angry Angel - An exciting fast moving story about a twelve year old blind runaway with a very bad temper and a truck driver, in his truck called Heaven Bound, who tries to help her. - Bernard L. Albertson

Beyond The Shadows - A collection of 30 short stories: ranging from the darker and macabre side of life to humorous country tales and matters of the heart - Amber Jo Illsley
Blauser's Building - A comic, dark, and fast-moving David-and-Goliath story about lawyers in Chicago. - Alan H. Neff
Broken Arrows / Broken Promises - Can a Bachelor Minister find happiness without forgiveness? - Marilyn R. Stark
Call Me Liz - A young Ivy League research Ph.D. develops an antibody that shows promise against the AIDS virus. Action, Intrigue - Darrell Pruett
Code Pink, A Sentinel Event - One of five mystery, medical thriller novels that deal with untoward incidents, mishaps, and catastrophic outcomes, known as sentinel events - Jules M Seletz
Collateral Damage - a quartet of entertainers is pitted against an organization intent on the perfection of the human species - Roger E. Craig
County - The focus on one doctor from the first day of internship to medicine residency at an L.A. County hospital - Marcus Magallanes
Cricket and the Missing Ballet Shoes - Ian gets an assignment to photograph the Kirov's Prima Ballerina. - Irene Zerebko
Cricket and the Vicar's Stolen Pipe - Introducing Cricket, a Cardigan Corgi: International Dog Sleuth - Irene Zerebko
Dead Man's Plan - Mystical spirit of the Old West flows through Lee Wyatt as he becomes enmeshed in battle to save a small South Dakota from financial ruin wrought by corporate welfare. - Lee Eide
Death And Danger - A novel about the training and journey of one of the most successful undercover drug operatives, Razor Wilkins. - Rodney P. Roberts
Death And Danger Two - Razor Wilkins continues his one-man crusade against drugs and crime in Death and Danger Two - Rodney P. Roberts
Dress Blues - Join Lee’s travels from country boy to tortured soldier. Lee's childhood experiences are so absurd they are downright, gut-busting hilarious. Enjoy his courageous journey to manhood. - Suzi Walls
For A Speck Of Gold - A courageous boy becomes part of the Gold Rush by traveling to California on a journey full of danger and adventure to find his injured father and bring him home. - Donna Getzinger
Futile Love - A German WWII story of young love that ends in tragedy - John Mertens
Future Imperfect - College students overcome obstacles mirrored in the lives of psychologists. - Norman S. Giddan, Ph.D.
Give Us This Day - A significant contribution to literature lovers. The novel will entertain readers with drama, romance, and humour, as well as inform them of some of the workings of the newspaper world. - Amber Jo Illsley
If All Men Were Angels - An older lawyer tutors new comer to legal profession against backdrops of the social upheaval of the early 80's - John F. Clennan
Jacob's Ladder - A work of historical fiction, how the world evolved throughout the twentieth century from the telegraph to cyberspace; from the horse and buggy to outer space - Jules M. Seletz
Jacob's Novels - Book Four of the Quartet, Pass In Review - Col. Jules M. Seletz, MD
Jacob's Travels - Jacob's Travels, Book Three in the Quartet, Pass In Review, begins with Major Jacob M. Stein's return from Vietnam - Col. Jules M. Seletz, MD
Jokers Wild - Set in New Zealand, this is a story of a freelance photographer and journalist who falls in love with her writer neighbour. Difficulties arise when both of them have to come to terms with past lives and loves. - Amber Jo Illsley
Juckets - A mystery thriller that explores good and evil in backwoods New England - Joyce Keller Walsh
Lincoln Logs - Historical fiction describing a town created solely by the logging industry at the end of the nineteenth century, Lincoln, New Hampshire - Jules M. Seletz

Mae-be Roses - Mae-be Roses is about defying expectations and doing so with strength of character, a sense of humour and love. - Rebecca Bloomer McGrath's Detail - A story that places Ireland in the forefront of the Normandy invasion. How could Eisenhower move his forces without his small naval detachment sending him weather and tide reports for D-Day planning. - Laurence A. Booker
Memories Of Spike - How can a raccoon, in-from-the-wild, harmoniously share a home with humans and domestic pets? - Judith Eggleston
Mind Game - In future Earth, the last appeal of the last Death Row inmate anywhere is concerned with the right to privacy of mind and soul. - Dave Eberhart
My Carl: A Journey Home - A single father is called upon to love and heal a child whose mistreatment goes beyond anything any of us want to know. - Chris Bower
My Last Remains - A non-fiction memoir of children raised and abused by psychotic parents and attempts for a child to seek, but not find, help - Jill
Nancy Christman Weliever, Indiana Woman - Nancy, her son Peter and an old black hunter, Zacaria Farley, face danger while traveling in the Western wilderness - Bernard L. Albertson
Not Another Sentinel Event - An unanticipated death in an Intensive Care Unit in a small community hospital, A Mystery/Medical Thriller Novel - Jules M. Seletz, M.D.
Nuke - Special prosecutor John Stryker uncovers a fiendish terrorist plot when he investigates mutilated, radiation burned human bodies. - Dave Eberhart
Of Murder and Marigolds - When homecoming turns to terror, Ellie Madsen turns to her childhood priest for help in thwarting a murderous stalker. A Dismas Shaunessey mystery. - Patricia Doherty
Paradise Square - Edgar Allan Poe helps solve the murder by meat cleaver of a Five Points hot corn girl - E. M. Schorb
Polar Knight - The Mystery of Sir John Franklin, A tale of high adventure about explorer Sir John Franklin who sought the Northwest Passage, and the author who channels her ancestor's spirit to vindicate his name - B. J. Rule
Pulp, Potatoes, and Ployes - Understand why this old retired military surgeon fell in love with the Acadians, especially one of their descendants - Jules M. Seletz
Raven's Flight - An unforgettable journey of love and mystery, from an elegant country inn to a magnificent estate in Northern England to the excitement of London in the year, 1822 - JoMarie DeGioia
"Reilly" - A Dreadful, Adorable Cat - Illustrated electronic book - Amber Jo Illsley
Reilly—Running Full Circle - If you have a penchant for humor, poetry and/or an easy read, then Reilly - Running Full Circle should be right up your cat-alley! - Amber Jo Illsley

Scenario for Scorsese - Sexual compulsion leads a young priest into an underworld, where drugs, pornography, and violence are taken for granted, and life is cheap. - E. M. Schorb
Sentinel Event - One of five mystery, medical thriller novels that deal with untoward incidents, mishaps, and catastrophic outcomes, known as sentinel events - Jules M Seletz
Sentinel Event Behind Bars - Sixth in the Jake Stein Series, Dr. Jacob Stein is once again assigned to investigate a Sentinel Event, this one a death in a penitentiary's medical facility. - Jules M. Seletz, M.D.
Sentinel Event on the High Seas - Doctor Jake Stein is once again called in to investigate a death aboard a luxury cruise liner - Col. Jules M. Seletz, MD
So, you think there is no Santa Claus! - Santa's personal journals share experiences that have taken place all over the world. - Bernard L. Albertson
Special - A girl tries to keep the Learning Disabilities of her older brother a secret, but when her friends find out, she must deal with it one way or another. - Donna Getzinger
Spore - Following clues that lead them around the world, a pair of investigators trace a mysterious ships' cargo to the bottom of the world. - Dave Eberhart
Stories off the menu @ South Of The Mouth Café - A collection of stories from the ship’s log has come from the visitors of the first licensed food service vessel operating on the waterways in the state of Florida - Donna McKee Athearn
Swamp Yankees - A psychologist investigates a 20-year-old murder while her companion tries to prevent his Swamp Yankee friend from seceding from Massachusetts. - Joyce Keller Walsh
The Apocalypse Germ - The race is on to save humanity from genetic Armageddon - Dave Eberhart
The Darkness Below - “Victoria Mayfield, aided by her own adventurous spirit and a Scotch-loving boyfriend, battle a global cult spawned from parallel world.” - Lee Eide
The Face Of Evil - Politics and intrigue lead to murder in a Northern California parish. A Dismas Shaunessey mystery. - Patricia Doherty
The Flutist And The Dancer - The mystery of who played the flute Shannon danced to comes-to-light and her father walks her down the aisle - Marilyn R. Stark
The Last Aborigne - A love story in a volcano of violence and vengeance. - Roger E. Craig
The Pianist and the Locksmith - What would prompt a woman to place her children in a children s home? - Marilyn R. Stark
The Picture Wagon - A historical adolescent drama filled with action and adventure - Donna Getzinger
The Plane That Wasn't There - It was where it shouldn't be, doing things it shouldn't do - would it and its crew survive? - John L. Norlin
The Power Of The Shadow - An FBI mystery/thriller - Darrell Pruett
The Sins of Moffat Square - A new parish assignment turns a successful pastor bitter, until an old friend—and murder—intervene. A Dismas Shaunessey mystery. - Patricia Doherty
The Vetowich Wall - Assassins would kill Stanley Vetowich for the secret of his sonic wall - an invisible barrier capable of repelling enemy rockets for millions of mosquitoes for pennies. - Roger E. Craig
There Are No Americans In America - examines who Americans are today, and how to improve the quantity and quality of Americans, thus improving our country. - Thomas Medel
Through the Eyes of The Children - Beautiful Stories about very special children who face the rigorous challenges of daily life and are happy. - Bernard L. Albertson
Trails End Isle & Wings - Can one man's two families ever make peace? Book Four - Marilyn R. Stark
Turn Up The Burn - 4 Ingredients - Nutritionally balanced simple meals and snacks for weight loss - Susan Hoag Stophel
Two Sweeties - Two women, both in their eighties, survive their travails of nursing home life, and the wrath of their families over Myra's decision to bequeath half of her fortune not to her own daughters, but to Margaret. - Norman S. Giddan, PhD
Two Tales Of Courage - From Lorkin's Friend; Here at last: the truth about King Tut's death, the Great Pyramid…and the power of friendship! / Papáshko's Hidden Heart Song; The magic and music of a father's heart conquer war and death. - Anna Marie Roderman
Unit Of Power: ERG - The President, using private funds provided by his oil buddies, establishes his own elite strike force. - Roger E. Craig
Virgin White - Virgin white is an image of female Aryan perfection on her white supremacist website; all the better to lure men into her black and white home of secrets and unleashed rage. - Schelli Smith
West Point's Sentinel Event - Fourth in the Jake Stein Series mystery/medical thriller novels - Col. Jules M. Seletz, MD
Wild Ones Remembered - A true account, short story collection about needy wildlife under human care - Judith Eggleston
Wild Orchards - In a group home setting for disturbed adolescents, a middle-aged psychotherapist has an affair with his young female intern - Norman S. Giddan
Wire Tap - A man takes an opportunity to tap phone lines for agencies and crime figures to make lots of money and run and retire - Paul Steven Gilbert
ZRS - What if Flying Carrier rigid airships had been operating in the Pacific Theater during WWII? - Rowan Partridge

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