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Welcome to a new age in publishing

Electronic publishing is an industry that is still in it's infancy. It encompasses eBooks, as well as short-run digital technology. Many new innovative companies have been attracted by the exciting possibilities and as a result there are numerous competing software formats and accompanying handheld readers and printer/binders.

In this new "wild west" of publishing, with multiple reading choices and no clear leader or standard yet established, confusion reigns for consumers as well as publishers. But much as we have witnessed in other maturing industries, the competition is fierce, resulting in rapidly improving technology, dropping prices and emerging standards. The purchase price of electronically downloaded books could be as much 80% less than a comparable book purchased through traditional bookstores.

The latest technological developments in eBooks include lighter smaller handheld reading units with color, audio and interactive features. The short-run digital innovations include better quality product and faster, more user friendly designs which ultimately may be found in local bookstores and kiosks for customer use. It just keeps getting better.

Our Formats


Our own eBook program

This is our original eBook format. It is a self contained program that looks and acts like an Internet browser, allowing readers to easily move around within the book. It has some special features which allow such customization as varying font sizes and background colors. Our program is designed for use on PCs in a windows environment (sorry, no Mac available at this time) and no additional software is required to open and read the titles.

About other readers: These eBook viewers are about the size of a paperback book and its many features are designed to enhance the reading experience. For example, it is back lit at adjustable brightness levels for reading in different lighting situations and the font can be enlarged for easier reading. While your main library can be stored on your home computer, each handheld unit can store up to 40 eBooks for times when you are on the go. When fully charged these battery operated units, can run continuously for 20 to 40 hours. All of these enhancements are designed to either allow ease of portability and ease of reading. This should help alleviate the concern that many book lovers have regarding the discomfort of sitting in front of a computer monitor for hours when they would rather sit in their favorite chair or curl up in bed, lights on or off, with a great book . Other goodies include a look up feature which links to a dictionary and the ability to highlight, underline, bookmark, and make notes, as well as have its own built in modem..

MSReader Editions

Currently, we format our titles into the new Microsoft reader with clear type, for use on certain palm top readers as well as desktop and laptop computers. The MSReader software is available free from the Microsoft Web site.

Digital paperbacks


We also have in operation the InstaBook Maker, which is the latest in short-run digital technology. This computerized printing press is capable of producing paperback books one unit at a time and is capable of sharing title files with other InstaBook machines via the Internet. The goal is to eventually have these machines on site at bookstores, libraries, or shopping malls, where by customers can order the book and have it quickly manufactured while they wait.

This full scale utilization is still down the road, but in the mean time we can produce just the number of books necessary, negating the need for large up front investment dollars for production of short runs and warehousing.

What's next?

Predictions regarding the universal acceptance of eBooks, even by leading experts, range from that of a passing fad to that of a multi-billion dollar industry. We believe that it is not a matter of if, but when.

On the other hand, the great potential for short-run digital technology to revolutionize the publishing industry, seems to be something almost everyone can agree on.

Every day the publishing landscape is changing; new formats, new distribution methods and outlets and new twists on old ideas. As acceptance of some of these new ideas gain a foothold we are witnessing a growing number alliances between traditional companies and new technology companies or divisions.

Denlinger's is one of the first traditional publishing houses to embrace the new technology and one of the only publishers to actually own and operate a short-run digital printer/binder.

These are indeed exciting times and we invite you to join in the adventure.

If you are interested in joining our team of new writers and veteran authors who are having their works published by an emerging technologies publisher, please read our submission procedures at:

How to submit

We are open to most subjects, but require manuscripts to be completed before beginning the submission process.

Visit us at our HotSpot Coffee Shoppe, a specialty coffee shop and wireless Internet cafe - 1216A S. Ridgewood Avenue (U.S. 1) - Daytona Beach, Florida 32114
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